It’s an all-too-familiar woe – you’ve painstakingly and painfully removed the hairy growth under your armpit, but there’s a dark patch left behind! If you’re bothered that the skin on your underarm is darker than the skin on most parts of your body, you’re not alone.


What’s the reason for this shadier-than-usual skin tone?

Considering that underarm skin is not exposed to the sun, isn’t it a bit baffling that it’s darker that most of your exposed skin? The underarm area is constantly waxed, shaved, plucked, and rubbed. To prevent odor brought by perspiration, it is regularly applied with antiperspirants and deodorants, and all these rituals contribute to pigmentation of the skin.

Anything that disturbs or irritates the skin from its natural course of development can cause it to discolor. Hair removal procedures, such as shaving and  hair-pulling, cause the skin’s texture to feel coarse and uneven with bumps and dark lines, adding to the unsightliness and darkness of the area. The less you disturb the underarm skin the better will be its color and texture.

Stubble and hair regrowth cause a dark shadow that makes the underarms look darker. So while the conventional methods initially clear the underarms of hair, hairs that grow back can darken the area, not to mention that they can be terribly itchy, too.


Is there no way, then, to get rid of armpit hair and dark underarm skin?

Getting rid of armpit hair is a primary concern when it comes to keeping the armpit hygienic and visually pleasing. There are many methods for temporary hair removal, and these include shaving, waxing, depilatory creams and plucking. However, these temporary solutions also constantly irritate the skin, adding to the problem of increase in pigmentation or darkening of the skin and other secondary concerns. Just when the skin begins to heal or recover, the method has to be done again to remove hair. This repetitious cycle, plus the dark shadow of stubbles, is responsible for the unwanted dark underarm.

The key is to find an underarm hair removal solution that provides permanent benefits. This way, procedures that disturb the armpit area are minimized or totally discontinued.


Hit two or more birds with one stone!

Get one solution for two or more underarm problems. Permanent armpit hair removal or hair reduction by IPL or laser therapy not only addresses the problem on recurring underarm hair. It also solves secondary skin problems, such as dark armpit, razor burns, ingrown hairs, skin bumps and itchy regrowing hairs. Then, of course, you can never discount the fact that you’re always ready to wear or do anything without worrying about stray hair or dark patches under the arms. That’s freedom from apprehensions, last-minute rush, and fussing about what dress to wear!


But laser or IPL may also cause hyper-pigmentation or skin darkening…

Anything that irritates or causes trauma to the skin may cause inflammation and, eventually, hyper-pigmentation. The same thing is possible with laser and IPL treatments for hair removal. There is a slight chance of hyper- or hypo-pigmentation on areas treated by laser or IPL, but these are temporary effects that often normalize without intervention in a couple of months or less.

The advantage of these methods over others is very clear. After completing the treatment sessions required, the skin can be left to heal undisturbed for long periods of time, even permanently for many people. Those with abnormally excessive hair problems may need to have annual touch up sessions to enjoy longer periods of hairlessness.

Armpit hair removal is not just for women; more and more men are also looking for ways to feel fresher and cleaner. In areas of the world where the climate is hot and humid, the combination of hairy armpits and sweat can be disastrous to one’s social and professional life. Hygienic and hairless underarms are necessary for swimmers, models, body builders and other people whose work and lifestyle require them to have neat appearances and smooth skins.

If you’re planning to undergo an IPL or laser hair removal treatment, whether for armpit hair or unwanted hair located elsewhere on the body, make sure to go to a reputed aesthetic centre. You need people who can be relied upon to handle your concerns regarding stubborn hair, dark armpit skin, and other aesthetic concerns.