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The back is one of the most commonly requested areas for laser hair removal. Back hair is especially a problem among men, but may also occur in women. Excessive hair on this body part can be very embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Removal of back hair had always been done by shaving and plucking. Then the methods improved with waxing and depilation. More advanced methods involved photothermolysis technology, or the use of heat and light to damage the hair follicles. These are the electrolysis and intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal systems. The latest involves the merging of technology and aesthetic approaches into what we now know as laser hair removal treatment.

Why is laser hair removal better than other methods of removing back hair?

Many of the methods mentioned are painful, such as plucking, waxing and electrolysis. Laser hair removal is generally painless. Ingrown hair, skin bumps, razor burns and folliculitis are problems created by some of these methods, including shaving and plucking. Say goodbye to these problems with laser hair removal systems.

All the mentioned methods are either ineffective or have temporary effects, or both. Laser is a very effective method of reducing and removing hair. With the correct number of treatments, the effect of hair reduction can be permanent.

How long does laser hair removal on the back usually take?
Due to the large area involved, removal of hair on the back around thirty minutes to perform. This is longer than the usual time it takes to treat other areas of the body. Of course, it also depends on the hairiness of your back and size of the area to be treated.
How many laser treatment sessions will I need to permanently get rid of back hair?
For the back, at least 8 to as many as 12 treatment sessions at intervals of six to eight weeks is required. This multiple session treatment will ensure that results will last. Not all hairs occur at the same growing stage at the same time. Lasers can only be effective on hair in the anagen phase, or active growth stage. This means that when laser is applied, those hair follicles in the dormant stage are spared and will grow hair again. Laser treatment has to be performed in the following months to catch hair in their anagen stage of growth, until all hair roots shall have been damaged and inhibit hair growth effectively.
Will it hurt?

You will feel something during the procedure. Generally, laser hair removal is a fast and pain-free procedure. However, because it will be performed on a much larger area, such as the back, it will cause some discomfort. Many clients liken it to the snapping of a thin elastic band against the skin. You may experience some skin redness, but these are very temporary and are usually gone in a few hours. If you have sensitive skin, you should inform the doctor in advance.

I’m worried that the result might not look natural; what can I expect?

Laser hair removal does not only involve science; it also requires art for a truly great result. Rest assured that your back will look naturally smooth. There will be no annoying patchy areas or noticeable sharp lines that distinguish the shaved and unshaved areas.

I have dark skin; will I be eligible for back laser removal?
The treatment process, settings and the type of lasers used are customized to every individual needs. We recognize that a laser hair reduction program must be tailored to every person’s skin and hair type for it to be a truly effective solution. We have laser skin treatment machines that are recommended for darker or black skin colors.
How does laser work to remove my hair on the back?
Hair follicles on the back are usually thicker and more resistant to many hair reduction methods including light-based treatments like electrolysis and intense pulsed light (IPL) procedures. While IPL uses broad-spectrum light, laser uses focused single-wavelength light beam which is more effective. A hand-held device is used to allow laser beam to go through the skin and on to the melanin at the root of the hair. Back hair responds well to laser because of the selective photothermolysis process used in the laser technology. The light beam converts to heat which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. The hair follicle is destroyed and will not be able to grow hair again. A cooling gel at the tip of the device protects the skin.
Can I have other parts of the body treated, too?
Yes, of course. The back is often treated with the chest and shoulders. We also treat facial hairs (on the upper lip, chin), and hair on your legs, arms, underarms, breast or abdominal areas. Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal procedures are often sought after by our clients too.
How much will the whole procedure cost?
The actual price for back laser hair removal may vary depending on the actual size of the area to be treated. It may sound expensive at the outset, but if you come to consider that you will not need to go through the discomforts and embarrassment of a hairy back again, the price actually becomes very reasonable.
What does your company offer?

We have a long experience in the use of laser technology for removal of unwanted hair along with continually updates. We also offer to perform reviews of treatments and the client’s progress. Give us a call because we have affordable laser hair removal options that make it easier on the pocket for everyone. We assure our clients of a safe, comfortable and effective solution to your hairy woes. Have a happy experience with us!

Have you always tried methods for a hairless back just to be frustrated in the end with thick hair growing back again? Despair not! We have the solution you’ve been looking for. Call us and book for an appointment now!


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