How would you like to have a permanently hairless bikini line? You’d be able to confidently wear the hottest swimsuit any time and day! By that, we refer to your readiness and confidence to wear the most fashionable swimwear whenever there’s need to, without the last-minute rush to shave or wax.


A constant nuisance that grows by the day

Hairs on the bikini line are not only unsightly and embarrassing; they’re also prickly after they grow back from shaving. Removal of bikini hair is a grooming habit that’s necessary for maintaining hygiene, enhancing confidence, and improving self-image. Thus, it is not surprising for both men and women to devote time and resources to find ways to keep this area neat as regularly as is necessary.


Traditional methods which are futile but necessary

For lack of a better and more permanent option, people resort to the following methods to keep bikini hair in line.

  • Shaving is the most common method used simply because it can be done at home. Most people prefer this probably because they are more comfortable shaving private parts of their body. However, the procedure can be difficult and tedious. It has to be repeated at least weekly to keep hair growth under control. The method also causes secondary skin problems, such as ingrown hairs, razor bumps and folliculitis.
  • Waxing has to be done by a professional aesthetician. It is a painful process especially for the sensitive bikini area. It is a temporary solution and must be regularly performed to keep hairs within the bikini line.
  • Depilation is another process that provides temporary smoothness. Like the other methods, it is often messy and tedious.

In all of these methods, repeat procedures are required as frequently and as quickly as hair re-grows. Needless to say, pubic hairs gone astray can’t be solved by these time-wasting and messy routines. Fortunately, there are more lasting and effective methods of removing unwanted bikini hair. Technology has come up with a solution to this long-time quest!


Aesthetic solutions for long-lasting smoothness

Advances in technology found ways to effectively use laser and intense pulsed light for permanent hair removal treatments. Here are key points why you should seriously consider these modern methods of addressing recurring hair on your bikini area:

  • These light-based procedures are safe and effective.
  • The results are long-lasting and permanent. The bikini area is clean and neat all the time.
  • Skin problems, such as ingrown hair, folliculitis, red lumps and bumps, are eliminated.
  • Should there be cases of hair regrowth, the hairs that grow back are lighter, thinner, fewer and barely noticeable.


It’s about gain without pain

It’s virtually painless; it’s hard to believe that it’s effective. This is one of the main reasons why laser and IPL hair removal methods are gaining popularity in Singapore and other parts of the world. Unlike electrolysis, which is effective yet very painful, laser and IPL only cause the slightest sensation that is far from painful.


Comfort and convenience are important

Prior to the procedure, a cooling gel is applied to the skin to provide comfort and protection to the skin. Clients experience a slight sensation as the treatment starts. It is often described as something similar to the sensation of warm elastic flicked on the skin, but not necessarily painful. To enhance comfort, the latest gadgets are integrated with special cooling systems that protect and soothe the skin.


A few minutes can be life-changing

Bikini laser hair removal treatments are finished very quickly – 10 to 15 minutes at most – making any discomfort very negligible. Treatments can be arranged to accommodate the client’s busy schedule. Imagine how a few minutes can solve your persistent problem of fuzzy bikini line!


It’s a solution for almost everyone

What makes laser and IPL bikini hair removal treatments well-liked by clients is that they are suitable for almost every person who has a problem of excessive or unwanted hair. Client’s skin color, hair type and general health condition will be evaluated to determine which treatment is best suited for that person. Treatment programs are customized to the specific need of every client. Don’t waste any more time; call us now! We have made it possible for you to wear the trendiest bikini, looking like a celebrity the trouble-free way! Get that smooth hairless skin and start looking amazing! It’s quite easy actually – it starts with you contacting us today!