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Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and cause a lot of discomfort, especially among women. It can also limit the things you need to do, the clothes you can wear (or not wear!), and the fun you want to have. For instance, how can you be confident donning a fabulous swimsuit with so much unwanted hair showing? No wonder women make every effort to find the latest in cosmetics and technology just to remove unwanted hair. We encourage you to read along and find out the safe, effective and painless options for pubic hair removal. We’d like you to look good and feel better about your body, too.

What options are there for removing hair along the bikini line?

Of course, there are the conventional hair removal methods – such as shaving, waxing and chemical depilation (or epilation) – which are very time-consuming and tedious. They require meticulous upkeep, not to mention the fact that annoying ingrown hair could be the next problem you’ll be dealing with. Hair re-growth, infected hair follicles (called folliculitis), red lumps, razor burns and shaving bumps are definitely bad news for your bikini line.

New methods now employ the photothermolysis concept (or use of light and heat to destroy a target) including electrolysis, intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser for removal of hair in areas of the body where they are not wanted. Keeping the bikini area impressively smooth and flawless has now become easier with these modern methods.

Why is laser hair removal for the bikini line better than the other methods mentioned?

We’re definitely counting out the traditional methods because of the related problem of ingrown hairs, bumps and infections. Electrolysis can be effective, but painful. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is generally painless. IPL uses diffused light, and is not as effective as the focused light in the more advanced laser hair removal technology. Among the newer methods, we consider laser hair removal for the bikini area as a more effective and permanent hair reduction solution than any of the methods mentioned.

How does laser work in removing hair?

The treatment uses a technology called photothermolysis which uses focused light energy to target the melanin in the hair follicle. The light is converted to heat and damages the hair follicle. With the center of hair growth damaged, hair cannot grow again. However, the hair must be at the phase of growth known as anagen (or early growth stage) for the treatment to be effective. Hairs grow in three phases or cycles, and the laser has to catch them at the anagen phase. Thus multiple treatment sessions are required.

How many treatment sessions will I need and how long is each session?

You will need from 6-10 sessions to permanently remove unwanted hair in the pubic area. The sessions will be 6-7 weeks apart. The actual number of sessions and the interval will eventually depend on the area to be treated, your skin color and hair type. Each session will take around 10-15 minutes – a very short time actually compared to the many years you lived with these hair problems. You will also be happy to know that your skin bumps and ingrown hair will be treated on the first treatment session. We know you’re excited to make your first visit!

Will it work for me even if I have dark skin?

This method used to be applicable only to those with fair skin and dark hair, because laser targets the melanin of the hair and this pigment occurs abundantly on the skin of dark-skinned persons, making it unsafe for them. However, the latest in laser hair removal systems has made it possible for people with dark skin to benefit from this aesthetic treatment safely, painlessly and effectively.

Can I have hair in other body parts removed with laser treatment, too?

Yes, you can have laser hair removal treatment done on other hairy body parts. We remove all sorts of unwanted hair – facial, back, leg hairs. We also perform Brazilian style laser hair removal treatment. You don’t need to suffer from or hide those unsightly hairs on your forehead, upper lip, chin, anywhere on the face, arms, underarms, chest or abs.

Will the procedure hurt?

As mentioned, bikini hair removal is generally pain-free and side effects are rare. A cooling gel applied on the tip of the laser device will soothe the skin. There may be some mild irritation, rashes and redness after the procedure, but those are natural reactions especially for those with sensitive skin. Such reactions are temporary and normally disappear after a few hours.

What are the usual post-treatment care tips that I need to observe?

For optimal results, you must not wax or pluck the area between the treatment intervals. You may shave during these intervals if you wish, though.

To be completely hair-free, make sure that you undergo the full number of sessions and maintenance visits are recommended.

What is the full price for the treatment?

The price for bikini laser hair removal treatment depends on the frequency of treatment required, density of hair and size of the area where hair will be removed, and the type of laser used. Call us now to find out more about the cost.

Why must you choose our company over others?

First, we tell you the facts straight. Upon consultation, you will be well-informed about the procedure. We also encourage you to ask questions.

Second, we provide professional service which does not end with the last appointment. We offer to review results of every treatment performed.

Third, we commit not only to removing unwanted hair, but also to ensuring your safety, comfort and long-term satisfaction.

Experience top-quality service with us! With our leading-edge facility and committed team, you are assured of highly-customized laser hair removal treatment. Give us a call now or fill up the enquiry form available!


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