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Laser is now widely used for removal of unwanted body hair. Is it effective? Is it suitable for you? These are but some of the commonly asked questions about laser body hair removal, and we offer answers in this article.

Both men and women benefit from the laser method of removing unwanted body hair. Removal of hair on the back, shoulders, chest and abdomen are popular among men. Women, on the other hand, commonly request for removal of hair on the arms, under arms, legs, stomach or snail trail, and the bikini area.

Full body laser hair removal is quite popular especially for women who dream of velvety smooth and hairless skin all over. Men often request upper or lower back and chest laser hair removal. These are definitely larger areas than the usual hair reduction treatments on the face, and require a method that can be performed over a shorter period of time to reduce discomfort or any pain.


How many treatments do I need and what is the frequency of sessions?

The hair type, the body area where unwanted hair is located, and your skin color will determine the number of treatment sessions you need. Clients with thick black hair and dark skin generally require more treatments for laser hair removal to be effective than fine hair does. It must be noted that body hair varies from one person to another. In fact, body hair also varies from one body area to another. The hair on the snail trail is usually wispy and fine, while the hair on the chest of male clients can be coarse and wiry.

For instance, abdominal hair or snail trail will require 4-7 treatments every 6 weeks on the average. Full back treatment may require 8-12 sessions every 6-8 weeks. These multiple treatments are necessary to enjoy results that really last. Give us a call to book for a consultation so that we can assess your health and condition better.

There are much cheaper options for reducing unwanted hair, why should I choose the laser reduction method?

Plucking, shaving and waxing are obviously cheaper options. Even electrolysis and IPL cost lower than laser treatment. Here are the reasons why you should choose laser over the other procedures mentioned:

  • Shaving, waxing and plucking are the common causes of ingrown hairs, unsightly bumps and follicle infection. Laser treatment does not only remove hair, it also provides a permanent solution to these skin problems.
  • IPL also apply the technology of photothermolysis. The same principle is behind laser hair removal, but it is applied in a painless and more effective manner. Laser light is a focused single-wavelength beam that converts to heat energy to selectively target the hair pigment or melanin located at the root of the hair. Heat destroys the hair follicles and this inhibits hair growth in the treated area.
  • The laser method is fast, safe and effective. Treating large body parts can be especially painful with slower methods.

Unlike traditional methods, laser hair removal treatment gets rid of hair permanently.

Will the procedure hurt? Is it safe?

An integrated cooling system in Super Hair Removal (SHR) ensures the procedure is comfortable. It is also a virtually painless process. There is no side effect reported and no downtime. After the treatment, you may observe some mild redness but this will disappear in an few hours.

Is it expensive?

The price is not expensive if you consider that you will enjoy being hair-free over a long period of time. Always analyze cost against the length of time that you will benefit from its results, and not merely on the initial money invested.

How do I take care of laser-treated body areas?

Don’t get a tan or expose the treated areas to sunlight.

What other areas of the body can be treated with this procedure?

This procedure is effective in removing unwanted hair from virtually any area of the body. Body hair removal for men can be done simultaneously with laser removal of the beard. Women often ask for hair removal on the upper lip or chin. Brazilian style laser hair removal is also a favorite among female clienteles.

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