Brazilian IPL Hair Removal


When life started moving in the hurried pace we have now, taking a leisurely shower has also become a luxury. This can be a real problem for people who also need to shave, pluck or wax a fuzzy patch during shower time. It’s not only facial hair that has to be removed, because hair on the sensitive body parts can also be particularly annoying. They are prickly when growing back a few days after a shave or wax. Regular hair removal on this part can take time, but some things can’t be compromised, such as hygiene and grooming.

Advantages of being hair-free

Keeping the bikini line and pubic area neat and clean is a personal matter; nonetheless, it contributes significantly to one’s professional and social life. This need is very apparent to swimmers, ramp models, and everyone who wants smooth and silky skin in the pubic region. People who go hairless, especially those who opt for the Brazilian style, feel fresher and more comfortable. They are also more confident wearing the narrowest underwear, swimwear or lingerie.

Various Brazilian hair removal treatments

The Brazilian style can be achieved by waxing and shaving, but these methods are very time-consuming and tedious. Both methods must be done regularly and infinitely. Shaving can cause razor bumps and nicks, and waxing is exceedingly painful especially at the pubic area.

The latest in technology includes intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser hair removal systems, and both methods are highly recommended for the Brazilian style.

Reasons for choosing Brazilian IPL hair removal
  • IPL offers permanent hair reduction solution, so it is obviously better than traditional methods.
  • The treatment gets rid of unwanted hair, ingrown hair, and dark itchy stubble for good.
  • Hair removal can be difficult to do yourself and razor nicks are almost unavoidable. With IPL treatment, grooming becomes a simple matter, and time can be wisely used on more productive activities.
  • You can wear whatever bikini you fancy whenever you like without worrying about your next shaving or waxing appointment.
  • Unlike waxing and electrolysis, IPL procedure is practically painless.
  • It is ideal for dark and coarse hair, making it the suitable hair removal treatment for the pubic region.
Types of Brazilian

The client may choose full or regular Brazilian styles. In the full Brazilian, the hair in the whole pubic area is removed. In the regular Brazilian, the whole pubic area is treated except for a neat little patch, such as in the following styles

  • Brazilian with a strip – a neat strip of hair is left
  • Brazilian with triangle – a patch of hair shaped like a triangle is left
  • Customized Brazilian – a patch of hair with a customized design is left

The choice depends on the client’s preference and comfort level. Expectations on the outcome must be properly communicated during the consultation.

Who is a suitable candidate?

IPL is suitable for people with coarse and dark hair on light complexion. Clients with darker skin will be assessed to determine the suitability.

The Brazilian IPL treatment procedure

A cooling gel is applied to the skin in the pubic area. There is also an integrated cooling system to protect the skin as broad-spectrum light penetrates it to target melanin in the hair. Light then converts to heat energy and causes damage to hair follicles in the pubic area. The procedure lasts for only 20 minutes.

Multiple sessions are required for optimal hair removal result

The first treatment affects only those hairs in the anagen stage, or the active hair growth phase. The rest of the hairs will be in transition (catagen) or resting (telogen) stages at that time. In 4-6 weeks, the treatment will be repeated as new hairs enter the anagen stage, and again in several sessions more until all hairs shall have been affected by the IPL treatment. Hair reduction will be observed after several treatments.

Hair removal solutions don’t have to be painful and expensive. Our aesthetic centre offers Brazilian IPL hair removal to keep you hair-free in those sensitive areas. Our results are permanent through procedures that are affordable. Make that call now and book for an appointment!


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