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The Brazilian look, or removal of hair in the pubic area, is definitely not new to us. It has been a practice among women even in ancient times, and has become more common with the trend of narrower swimsuits and more revealing lingerie. To achieve completely hairless skin on the bikini and pubic area, the conventional methods used were shaving, plucking, waxing, electrolysis and chemical depilation. Needless to say, such hair removal practices were tedious, painful and temporary. Thanks to technology and aesthetic innovations, the procedure can now be safe, painless and effective. We refer to laser hair removal treatment methods to achieve the Brazilian style.

Why is Brazilian style laser hair removal method better than other methods?

It is effective. Hair will be significantly reduced and less noticeable even on the first few treatments. It will also treat unsightly bikini bumps and ingrown hairs. The laser method uses single-wavelength light, unlike the broad-frequency light used in IPL. The focused laser beam is more selective of its target making it more effective.

It is painless. You need not suffer from razor burns and folliculitis. Say goodbye to the painful and ineffective procedures of waxing, plucking, chemical depilation, electrolysis and IPL.

It is a permanent hair reduction solution. You will look well-groomed and feel clean in the bikini and pubic area all year round. There’s no need to keep repeating the process month after month. Maintenance visits will be recommended, though.

How does Brazilian hair removal by laser method work?

The laser method for hair reduction uses a beam of single-wavelength and highly-concentrated light to target the pigment located at the base of hair follicles. As the laser pulses, the melanin or pigment in the follicle absorbs the light which converts to heat. The hair shaft and bulb will then be damaged by the heat and will not be able to grow new hair again.

The hairs on your body are not all actively growing at the same time, and the laser method can only be effective on hairs in the anagen stage or early stage of growth. Thus, the method must be repeated on the same area until dormant hairs that have cycled back to the anagen hair growth stage shall have all been treated with laser. This is the reason behind multiple treatment sessions.

How many treatment sessions will be required for me?

A full treatment will take about 6-10 sessions spaced at six weeks apart depending on the density of hair in the area to be treated.

How long does a treatment session usually take?

A treatment session usually takes about 15 minutes long.

Does the procedure hurt?

There’s rarely any pain. Some clients compare the sensation to snap of a rubber band against the skin. Waxing and plucking are, by far, more painful. High-speed hand devices make the process much faster and almost pain-free. Cooling devices or gels are applied at the tip of the laser device to minimize discomforts, if there’s any at all. There is hardly any recovery time, with clients going back to their normal activity right after a session.

What pre- and post-treatment care instructions must I observe?

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds six weeks before undergoing a laser treatment. It must be understood that the laser targets the pigment at the base of hair follicles. Sun-tanning creates or intensifies pigmentation of the skin and will divert the laser’s effects on the skin instead of the hair follicles. This renders the treatment less effective.

There are rarely any side effects, except for mild skin irritations such as skin redness which usually subsides in a few hours. Some clients will experience minor swelling. In such case, apply cool packs to relieve the discomforts.

After the treatment, avoid extended sun exposure, or if this is unavoidable, apply sunblock on the skin.

Do not pluck or wax the area.

You may take short lukewarm showers. Avoid hot baths on the first day after the treatment.

What is the price for a complete treatment course?

The actual cost depends on the area to be treated, treatment frequency and hair density. Give us a call to find out more details on the cost of Brazilian hair removal by laser method.

Is Brazilian the same as laser hair removal procedure for the bikini area?

They are two different things.

Laser hair removal for the bikini area basically involves the removal of pubic hair 2 to 3 inches outside of the panty line; it may or may not include the removal of hair inside the panty line but excluding the labia.

The Brazilian procedure, on the other hand, includes the removal of pubic hair inside and outside of the panty line, including the labia; it may or may not include the anal area.  Some clients opt to leave a tiny patch of frontal hair, called a landing strip.

What are the different Brazilian styles? Please clarify how different is a full Brazilian to a regular?

A full Brazilian refers to the removal of hair from the all the areas including the anal area. It is also sometimes called The Sphinx style.

A regular Brazilian refers to the removal of hair except for a neat strip or shape of hair. This is also referred to as the partial Brazilian or the French style.

What other body parts can be treated?

Aside from the pubic area, we treat other body parts, too. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair on the face, chin, upper lip, back, leg, arm, underarm and armpit, you have come to the right place. Both males and females can benefit from laser hair removal treatments.

Why will I choose your company?

Choose us and you get yourself a laser hair removal treatment is not only advanced, safe and effective, but a comfortable one as well. Your appointment with us will be treated with the highest confidentiality and professionalism. Your last visit will not be the last you will hear from us because we offer review of results as part of our post-treatment services. Your welfare and satisfaction are foremost in our company, that’s why.

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