Full Body IPL Hair Removal


What is IPL?

Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is an advanced technology for removing unwanted hair. It has many other uses in the cosmetic and medical fields, utilizing broad-spectrum light ranging from 500 to 1200 nanometers. This broad range allows IPL to be quite flexible in its application – treating skin conditions, rejuvenating cells, and removing unwanted hair.

How does it remove hair?

A hand-held IPL device is used to apply light on the skin’s surface. Light penetrates skin and targets the melanin pigment located at the root of hair follicles. During this non-invasive procedure, the cooling system of the equipment protects the skin from the heat. Light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft and down to the root where melanin is abundant. Light then converts to heat energy and damages hair-producing cells in the hair follicles.

Why is IPL a better option for full body hair removal compared to other methods?

IPL is very practical in comparison with several methods commonly used for hair removal. Waxing, plucking and shaving may initially look cheap at the outset; in the long term, however, permanent hair reduction by IPL will turn out more cost-effective and practical. Shaving and plucking may need to be repeated every week, while waxing may have to be done once a month. Any of these procedures are tedious and all temporary hair removal options.

Laser is another light-based treatment that is effective; in comparison with IPL, it is generally more expensive. IPL is a faster procedure than laser and, as a result, it is generally offered at a lower price. Electrolysis, which is often touted as an effective method, is invasive, painful and expensive.

Who are suitable candidates for IPL hair removal treatment?

IPL is most suitable for people with unwanted excessive hair and who have the combination of light-to-medium skin complexion and dark hair. In fact, the darker and coarser your hair type is, the better it will respond to IPL hair removal system.

With the right skin color and hair type, IPL can be applied to the full body area – from sensitive facial areas to other body parts where unsightly hairs grow.

On what body areas can a full body hair removal treatment be applied?

Full body hair removal procedures can be applied on almost any body area where unwanted hair grows excessively. Male clients usually ask for IPL treatment of hairs located on their back, chest, shoulders, face and legs. Females often request IPL hair removal treatment for facial hairs, unwanted hairs on the abdomen, breast, arms, armpits, legs, bikini line, and also Brazilian. Since these full-body treatments may take longer than single-area treatments, we offer full body IPL treatment program done part by part to suit the customers’ convenience and time. They may opt to arrange for shorter sessions, dividing a full-body treatment into several shorter treatment sessions instead of one done in full stretch.

It is best for you to visit us for an assessment by our experienced consultant. You may contact us to schedule an appointment.

How long is the downtime?

There is generally no downtime, and it is quite common for clients to have a treatment during lunch break and return back to work.

Is the procedure safe? Will there be pain?

IPL is a generally painless procedure. There is a slight sensation that clients’ compare to a rubber band flicking on the skin, but most clients don’t describe these sensations as painful at all. The procedure is totally safe.

How many treatments will I need and what is the frequency of the treatment sessions?

IPL hair removal requires multiple treatments; more so for multiple body areas or full body hair removal. The actual number will vary from 6-12 depending on several factors. One client will not have the same problem areas as another, so full body IPL hair removal procedures will not be uniform among clients. For an individual, different hair locations in his or her body may also require different number of treatments. An excessively hairy back may need more treatments than one’s arms, for instance. These things will be clarified during the consultation, along with other information you may want to ask.

What results can I expect from the treatment?

Expect shedding 1-2 weeks after the treatment. There will be visible results after 4-6 treatments. Hair will be thinner, lighter in color, and fewer in number. Permanent hair reduction can be expected after completing the required number of treatments. We review our clients’ treatment and progress, and we may recommend annual maintenance treatments to ensure long-lasting benefits.

Put an end to ineffective, repetitive and tedious methods of removing unwanted hair with the latest in IPL hair removal systems. The only way to have flawlessly smooth skin is to have it permanently. Avail of these services only from professional and highly-qualified practitioners. Call us!


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