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About Us

Our centre was founded in 2004 by forward-looking people in the cosmetic industry in Singapore. We dared and cared enough to invest our time, talents and resources to the application of modern technology in permanent hair removal methods.


Our vision and mission

For the past 10 years, we have been guided by these tenets:

  • to be the leading centre relied upon by people who want to improve their self-confidence, simplify their grooming methods, and improve their personal or professional potentials;
  • to provide men and women a permanent solution to the persistent problem of excessive and unwanted hair on facial and body areas; and
  • to make these services affordable and convenient to end-users.


Our commitment

With this comes our commitment to the well-being and comfort of our clientele by providing them products and services that are effective, safe, up-to-date and reasonably priced.


Our services

We provides the perfect and permanent reduction solution to excessive and recurring hair problems. We offer laser hair removal and intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal therapies – these are the latest treatment systems adopting modern technology. With these advanced treatment procedures, you now have the option of virtually pain-free and effective way of getting rid of unwanted hairs. It’s about time to stop the endless cycle of shaving, waxing, threading, tweezing and other ineffective methods; it’s about time you make that call to our centre.


Our team

Our team is made up of the experienced management and staff to ensure that our client’s experience with us will be exceptionally satisfactory.

Our consultants will perform an assessment and evaluation during consultation with clients to ensure that the treatment program is comprehensive and tailored to the client’s hair type, skin color, and unique conditions.


What makes us special?

Our clients can attest why we are special. We are customer-centered and results-centered. The services we offer, the technology we use, and the people who perform these services – all these are geared toward attaining the results expected by the client. We don’t only perform treatments; we also review our clients’ progress to attain long-term results. We are attentive to your needs, and your convenience is foremost in our mind. We also understand your time is precious, therefore we strive to ensure our appointment booking system is made easy and effective for you. In a few words, we are the preferred laser and IPL hair removal centre because we care.

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