IPL Armpit Hair Removal


How does IPL work to remove hair from the armpit permanently?

The latest in intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal system specifies advanced IPL machine to guarantee safe, effective and pain-free hair reduction treatments. Broad-spectrum light is pulsed from the hand-piece to the skin, targeting the pigment (melanin) in hair follicles. The light beam is converted to heat energy, causing thermal damage to the hair’s root as it is absorbed by melanin. The hair follicle is permanently disabled from growing any more hairs. An integrated cooling system protects and keeps the skin safe during the procedure.

How is the procedure going to be like?
  • You will wear an eye shield to protect your eyes from bright light.
  • A cooling gel will be applied on the surface area of your underarm.
  • A hand-held gadget will be used to deliver flashes of light on to the skin.
  • Intense light energy will convert to heat energy. You will feel a gentle sting or snap on the skin.
  • An integrated cooling system will soothe your skin during the procedure.
  • The gel will be wiped off your skin and the procedure is over.
How long will a treatment take?

IPL hair removal will take about 30 minutes for both armpits.

How many treatments will there be?

There will be 6-10 treatments spaced at 4-6 weeks apart. This interval allows previously inactive hairs on the underarms area to advance to the active growth phase, in time for the next treatment session. Multiple treatments ensure long-lasting effects. It must be noted that IPL only affects hair that are actively growing.

Is the procedure painful?

Clients feel a mild “snapping” sensation, but most people don’t find it painful at all. It’s often likened to the gentle snap of a thin rubber band or elastic material on the skin. Waxing or plucking will be many times more painful.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are very rare, if at all. Immediately after the treatment, mild redness or bruising may be observed but this is temporary in nature and usually subsides in a few hours.

What’s the usual downtime after the treatment?

There are no downtime and most clients return to work and routine right after the session.

Why is IPL better than other forms of hair removal methods?
  • Unlike traditional methods, IPL armpit hair removal treatment is effective and permanent. Once all actively growing follicles have been destroyed, your armpit hairs are gone for good. Say “no more” to unending plucking, tweezing, waxing and shaving.
  • Unlike electrolysis, IPL is non-invasive and non-abrasive. No needles! You get hair-free arm pits the pain-free way.
  • IPL is often preferred especially as initial treatment for coarse and dark hair, because this is the type of hair where IPL is most effective at. While similar to laser in many ways, IPL is a faster procedure. The IPL device covers a much larger area at a time because of its much larger applicator head. This makes it quicker and more economical in comparison to the laser procedure.
Am I suitable for this treatment?

IPL armpit hair removal systems are generally suitable for most people. It is especially recommended for people with dark and coarse hair on fair skin. The darker and coarser your hair type is and the more it contrasts with your skin, the better and more visible results can be expected.

People with very dark skin or who have recently tanned are not suited for this treatment.

In case you have questions regarding your suitability, please contact us for an appointment or visit us for an assessment.

How will I take care of the treated armpits?
  • Don’t wax, pluck or tweeze hair regrowth.
  • You may shave or trim between treatment sessions.
Can the IPL hair removal system treat other body parts?

IPL can be customized to treat other body areas depending on hair and skin types. It is performed quickly so it is ideal for large areas or sensitive body parts, significantly minimizing discomfort. Besides armpit, we regularly use IPL hair removal system for the face, bikini area, Brazilian, arms, legs and back. Men and women with dark hair on light-colored skin can expect optimal results with IPL hair removal treatments.

What results can I expect and will these be permanent?

Hair density will be thinner after 4-6 sessions. Hair quality will be finer and less noticeable. Hair will start to shed 1-3 weeks after the treatment. As more hair follicles will be destroyed in subsequent sessions, unsightly hair will be gone permanently. We may recommend maintenance treatments every year to ensure long-term benefits.

How much will it cost?

The price of a treatment depends on the size of the area to be treated and the number of sessions required. Call us now to find out the cost for armpit hair removal.

What can I expect from your team?

We employ the latest techniques and technology in hair removal systems for optimal benefit to you. Prior to the treatment, details of your health, specific hair condition, skin color and personal preferences will be determined for a customized treatment. Throughout the program, we periodically review the progress of the treatment performed on our customers to ensure permanent hair reduction. From the first day you consult us with your problem to your maintenance visits, we commit to valuing your privacy, comfort, safety and long-term satisfaction.

Don’t let dark and hairy armpits limit your movements and fashion style! Move freely with smooth and flawless underarms! IPL armpit hair removal system lets you do this the painless way! Call us, there’s definitely no harm or pain in trying this!


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