IPL Hair Removal


What is IPL hair removal treatment?

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is widely used to permanently remove or reduce unwanted hair. This technology works on the principle of photo-thermolysis. Broad-spectrum light is pulsed into the skin and targets hair pigment or melanin located in the root of hair follicles. Light (photo) converts to heat (thermo) energy and destroys (lysis) its target. With the hair follicles damaged by high heat, the hair has a slim chance to regrow. Repeated treatments are initially required because IPL can only affect hair that’s in its active growth phase.


How does IPL work to permanently remove or reduce hair?

Hair moves through a cycle of three phases – active, regression, and resting phases. When the area is treated with IPL, only the hairs in the active phase are affected, the rest are spared. As hair goes through the cycle, those previously inactive will now enter the active phase and IPL treatment must be repeated. Multiple treatment sessions will be required to ensure that every hair follicle has been damaged and permanently disabled from re-growing any more hair.


What areas of the body will IPL be suitable for as a hair removal treatment procedure?

This beauty treatment will work on any part of the body with excessive or unwanted hair. IPL has proven to be effective in permanently reducing or removing hair from the face down to the toes. Men customers often request for IPL hair removal for the beard, upper lip, chin, neck, chest, shoulders, back and, sometimes, the legs. Women usually go for hair removal on the legs, bikini line, inner thighs, navel, hands, armpit, arms and facial areas like the upper lip and chin. The Brazilian style of hair removal is quite popular, too.


How does it differ from other hair removal methods, and why is it better than other known methods?

The effects or results of all traditional methods – plucking, shaving, waxing, threading and depilation – are temporary. They have to be repeatedly performed with each new hair growth. Each of these methods, too, brings additional problems, such as unsightly bumps, infected follicles, ingrown hairs, dark stubbles, among just a few. IPL hair removal, on the other hand, results to permanent hair reduction and also provides solution to the mentioned skin problems.

Electrolysis, while more modern and more permanent than these conventional methods, is a painful and invasive procedure. It involves insertion of needles and electrically charging each hair follicle to stop hair re-growth.  IPL hair removal treatment is non-invasive. It is also performed very quickly which makes it almost pain-free.


Who are ideal candidates for this treatment?                  

Light-skinned individuals with dark and coarse hair are ideal candidates for IPL hair removal treatment. In fact, for the initial treatment of people who have these skin and hair characteristics, IPL is the recommended treatment.

Dark-skinned individuals will not be good candidates for IPL treatment, however. IPL targets the melanin at the root of the hair, and this pigment happens to be abundant in the skin of people with dark brown to black skin color. IPL will also not be effective on white, blonde, red or gray hair because there is very little melanin to absorb the IPL.

It will be best to visit us for a consultation so we can recommend the most suitable treatment for you. This will also be the perfect time to raise any other personal concerns or questions.


What is the procedure like? Will it hurt?                                             

IPL is pulsed using a hand-piece with a cooling system that protects the top portion of the skin; broad spectrum light is emitted by the device to cause damage to its target. There is a mild sensation liken to rubber band snapping on the skin. It’s not a painful or uncomfortable sensation, just unusual. People have different thresholds for pain, but the IPL treatment is tolerable by most of the clients.


Are there side effects?

Clients may experience redness on the treated area which can be soothed with ice packs. These are temporary skin reactions and the red patches generally disappear in a few hours. The IPL’s only effect is on its target – melanin in hair follicles – and nothing else, so there are rarely any serious side effects. Clients don’t go through any significant downtime – as soon as the aesthetic procedure is done, they can do their usual activities.


Is it safe?

IPL hair removal treatment is a non-invasive and non-abrasive procedure. Side effect is very rare and only some clients reported temporary skin redness.


How many IPL procedures must I need to undergo? Will annual treatments be necessary?

As mentioned, this light-based therapy must be repeated to achieve the best results. The number of treatment sessions required varies depending on the size of the body area to be treated and the hair density. This varies from one person to another, but 6-12 sessions is the usual recommended number of treatments. Annual maintenance treatments are normal to ensure that the customers’ hair-free condition will last longer.


What is the frequency of the treatment sessions?

Generally, treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart on the average.


What preparations must I do before the treatment?

At least six weeks from your appointment, avoid plucking, waxing, electrolysis or any method that removes the hair from its root. We don’t want to disturb the follicle which will be the target of IPL. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun or undergoing any tanning services during this period, too. The increase of pigmentation on your skin may render the procedure not as effective.


Are there things I need to avoid or must observe post-treatment and in-between treatment sessions?

Here are self-care tips that you must observe to ensure that you get the full benefits of your treatment and that it will be as effective as expected.

  • Maintain proper hygiene to keep bacteria away from the treated area.
  • Avoid sun exposure or any artificial darkening of the skin, such as tanning beds.
  • Don’t engage in activities that will cause too much heat and sweating, such as going to saunas, steam rooms and gyms to avoid irritating the newly treated areas. Follow this precaution at least 2 days after each treatment.
  • Avoid cosmetic products that contain perfume, acids, exfoliating beads and retinol one week after the treatment to avoid skin irritation.
  • Totally avoid plucking, waxing, threading or tweezing hair re-growth. We want to preserve the hair follicles for the next IPL appointment.
  • Don’t bleach your hair; it must be in its natural color when undergoing IPL treatment.
  • You may shave, but not as regularly as you normally do prior to any treatment. Allow hair to shed naturally.


After the full course of the treatment, what results can I expect?

Hair will thin out after the first 4 or 6 treatment sessions. The quality of hair becomes finer and lighter in color, too, becoming barely visible to the eye. Even after the initial session, skin becomes smoother and there will be less skin issues, such as ingrown hairs and unsightly bumps.


How much does IPL treatment cost?

The price per IPL session depends on the area to be treated and the total number of treatments required to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. It is best to book for a consultation with us for a thorough assessment and more accurate estimate.


Why choose us?

We have a well-trained professional team to ensure that you get the treatment that’s tailored for your condition. Come and visit us for a consultation so we can see you in person and answer all your questions. An assessment will be done before the treatment.

We use high-technology IPL machine. Procedures are performed by an experienced therapist who has specialized in this field.

Aside from these services, we also offer to conduct a review of your treatment. This way, we can follow up on your progress and make adjustments to ensure long-term benefits.

While our main aim is to give you a hair removal treatment that’s effective, permanent and safe, we have not forgotten our commitment to make this experience as gentle and comfortable as can possibly be. We will be discrete and will respect your privacy every step of the procedure.


How do I make an appointment for IPL hair removal treatment?

Let’s make this simple and easy for you. We understand that you want to look your best, with skin that’s smooth and silky – who doesn’t? Our team can help you achieve that, and it only takes a call from you to start your journey to flawless hair-free skin! Make that call now!


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