Laser Facial Hair Removal


It’s quite common to see men with facial hairs – from mustache, beard to sideburns. Women, though, get their share of hairs on the face, too. Whether they grow on men or women, hair on the face is distracting at the very least. To the individual with too much unwanted facial hair, it can be downright embarrassing, unhygienic and uncomfortable.


Why do some women have facial hairs?

Normally, women’s facial hair is less noticeable. As they go through hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy and menopause, hair may grow and become visible on the upper lip, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, or jaw line.


Facial hairs in men can be quite stubborn; what is the effective way to get rid of them?

Facial hairs, whether in men or women, are often removed by shaving and plucking. This is so because razor and tweezers are easily accessible in bathrooms. Persons with this problem can always easily remove their unwanted hair on the face while in front of the mirror. However, doing this every couple of days can be time-consuming. Besides, other problems result from these methods – razor burns, ingrown hair, infected hair follicles or folliculitis, collar rash, inflamed razor bumps – the problems are endless and recurring.

The single most effective way is permanent removal of facial hair by laser methods.

There are many other ways to remove facial hair, why is facial laser hair removal the recommended choice?

Plucking, shaving and waxing are not only ineffective, they are also painful methods. The use of cosmetic products and depilatory creams is equally ineffective.

Electrolysis and IPL both use light-based technology. Electrolysis is effective up to a certain degree, but it is painful.

Like the two mentioned methods, laser hair removal uses light to remove hair. Specifically, it uses single-wavelength light beams to single out its target – the melanin in hair follicles. IPL, on the other hand, uses broad-spectrum beam that is not as focused and not as effective.

Unlike conventional ways of removing hair, the hair reduction result from the laser method is permanent. It is also a solution to other hair-related problems, such as those associated with shaving and plucking. Men can also say goodbye to the 5 o’clock shadow of dark hair beneath the skin.

For these reasons, the laser procedure is recommended for permanently removing unwanted hair.

Will the procedure hurt and will there be side effects?

The procedure is generally pain free. Besides, the procedure is very quick for you to feel any pain. Sensitive skin sometimes reacts with redness and mild irritation, but this is very short-lived. It’s very rare for side effects to occur.

Am I eligible for face laser hair removal?

Everyone with unwanted hair on the face is eligible for facial laser hair removal.

How many treatment sessions will I need and how long will a session take?

A session will take from 5-15 minutes. This will have to be repeated for 6-10 times to make sure that results will be long-term. Treatments sessions are 4-6 weeks apart.

How much will be the cost for removing hair from my face?

Costs will depend on the size of the area where hair will be removed, the density of hair and the number of sessions required for a complete treatment. You may actually call us now or visit us.

Are there special post-treatment instructions that I need to do after a treatment?

Definitely, you must not pluck hair after the treatment. This can get rid of the follicle which is the laser’s object in the next treatment session, and we don’t want to do that. Avoid the sun because sun exposure will add to the skin’s pigmentation. Laser light targets the pigment at the base of the hair follicle, and we don’t want it to get sidetracked by the pigment on your sun-exposed skin.

My skin is dark; what is the ideal laser method for me?

SHR laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types. It can be safely used on darker or black skin types.

What about other areas of the body, will laser be effective too?

We treat all areas of the body where unwanted hair grows – legs, back, chest, arms, underarms, neck and breast. We also perform all styles of bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal procedures.

Why must I choose your company over others offering similar services?

We care not just about removing your hair now, but how your treatment will progress in the long term. Our experts conduct periodic review of treatment procedures performed and the progress of our clients. We look at making you hairless and smooth in the areas treated permanently. We also ensure that your treatment is effective, safe and comfortable.

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