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You probably won’t find a woman who doesn’t wish for a smooth pair of legs. What about smooth and sexy legs that don’t require perpetual hair removal treatments? That would be a dream! But dream no more – with laser hair removal for legs, things just got better and a lot easier. Here, we have answers to some of your questions.


How can I benefit from this method?

  • This is a permanent hair reduction solution unlike plucking, shaving and waxing which have to be done again and again.
  • With laser hair removal, you also do away with unsightly bumps, razor burns, ingrown hairs and other annoying skin.
  • Laser hair removal is painless unlike electrolysis, another hair-removal method that uses a fine probe with electric current.
  • It is more effective than the intense pulsed light (IPL) method because it uses a focused single-wavelength beam.
How does this method work?

The laser goes through the skin and converts to heat. It selectively targets the melanin or hair pigment on the follicles. The thermal energy destroys hair right at its root underneath the skin. This results to hair loss and inhibits hair re-growth.

Will it be painful? I’m afraid that it will be unsafe for me.

The laser hair removal method uses a cooling system that makes this procedure practically painless for the client. Redness may be noticed after the treatment but this will subsides after a few hours. It seldom lasts for days.

I heard that it will take multiple treatments. What is the average number?

For the legs, optimal results will be achieved with multiple treatments. Depending on hair density, hair type and skin color, a complete treatment is usually made up of 6-10 sessions spaced at 6-8 weeks apart.

How long is one session?

One session will take 30 minutes on the average. This covers treatment of the full legs – upper and lower legs, front and back. The procedure is finished fast and this is another reason why laser is recommended for large body areas such as the legs. Treatment may also be requested for half of the leg area – either lower or upper part.

Can laser be used on areas of the body other than the leg?

Yes, laser is the permanent hair reduction solution to unwanted hair on any part of the body. Popular requests are for laser removal of hair on the face, chest, back, arms, underarms, abdomen and the bikini area. Facial hair often includes beard for men and hair on the upper lip or chin for women. Brazilian style laser hair removal is another service that we proudly offer customers.

What’s the total cost of laser hair removal on the legs?

The price will depend mainly on the type and density of hair and the skin color of the client. For details on the cost, please feel free to call us so we can offer you various options tailored for your needs. You may also visit us for an assessment of your skin and hair type, your overall condition and health, and for a more accurate cost estimate.

After the treatment, what can I expect?

Expect visible results even after just a few treatment sessions. Hair will be less noticeable. The number of growing hairs will be lower, the texture will be finer, and the color will be lighter. Results will be more permanent than those offered by other methods. Some people may need to get annual maintenance visits.

Is there any special care that I need to do on the treated part?

Take care not to expose the treated area to the sun, or to get a tan, between sessions. This increases the melanin in your skin and you must remember that laser targets this pigment in the hair follicles. Heightened melanin level may reduce the effectiveness of laser treatment. Use sunblock if sun exposure is inevitable. Avoid plucking or shaving 1-3 days after each treatment session.

Is it true that laser hair removal only works for people with light skin?

Years ago when laser was first used to remove unwanted hair, it was only effective and safe for people with light skin. Recent development, however, made way to more advanced technology. We have laser treatment that can be tailored to your skin and hair type. People with darker skin can now be benefited from laser hair removal.

Can laser hair removal for the legs be performed on men, too?

Male clients commonly ask for laser hair removal on their chest, back, neck, and facial hair like beard and sideburns; and yes, laser hair removal can be performed on their legs, too. It is a solution to say good bye to course dark leg hair.

Why get the treatment from your centre and not others?

We also offer consultation and review of the progress of your treatment. These are values added to the laser hair removal treatment service we deliver to you. It’s really a whole comprehensive therapy to assure your full satisfaction!

You have more important things to do than shave and wax to remove leg hair, and then doing it again week after week. Instead, give yourself a new look with awesome-looking legs! Just give us a call to book for an appointment or inquire about additional information. You may also visit us and talk to our specialists who can answer all your concerns. Act now and permanently have flawless legs!


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