Men are probably ahead of women when it comes to hair removal. Men have been known to shave their beards and mustaches as long as we can remember, and the tradition lives on. This only denotes that removing facial hair remains to be important or has become more important today.


Men remove facial hairs for various reasons

Men remove facial hair to keep their appearance neat and clean. Now, more than ever, maintaining a fresh and hairless appearance is very important both for personal and work-related reasons. Clean image and hair-free face come with the uniform in most jobs, such as in food service, health delivery and the police force. Athletes and models need to look their best always, too, and a clean face is a top requirement. Personal grooming and hygiene also require that beards and mustaches be kept tidy regularly.


Some do it the traditional ways

Shaving could possibly be the oldest and most popular method of removing unwanted facial hair among men. In fact, it has almost become a symbolic ritual as boys enter manhood. This traditional hair reduction method, however, causes ingrown hairs, razor burn, infected follicles, the five o’clock shadow and other skin problems. It needs to be done daily, too, which can be a problem in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Waxing, though not as extensively used as shaving, is also quite a common procedure of face hair removal for men. Waxing is very painful, too, and the mere thought that one has to go through it on a regular basis is already daunting even to men.

Facial hair can also be eliminated using depilatory creams and by plucking, but the benefits derived from these are all temporary.


Some do it the modern but painful way

Another option is electrolysis; it is an invasive procedure that is both painful and expensive. While the results are permanent, few men opt for this method because of the pain, expense and long period of treatment associated with it.


Many have already gone for the effective and painless methods

Advanced technology brought laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) into the beauty industry. Both are now widely used as effective and long term solutions for the treatment of unwanted hair, including facial hairs.

IPL and laser facial hair removal treatments also get rid of pseudo folliculitis, red bumps and other skin disorders secondary to shaving, tweezing and waxing.

These non-invasive therapies permanently and effectively reduce hair because they treat the problem at the very root – the hair follicles. The procedures are safe, virtually painless and quick.


It only takes a few minutes to enjoy years of smooth and hairless face

Take a few minutes of your time and wake up to a smooth face – everyday! The actual time it takes to treat a client is determined by the area to be treated – it can be the upper lip, chin, sideburns, full beard area, or combination of these areas. It also depends on how excessively hair grows on the face, and this varies from person to person. On the average, treatment of facial hairs requires 20 minutes, and there will be around 6-8 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.


These solutions are suitable for almost all skin colors and hair types

Laser and IPL facial hair removal treatments can be customized to treat almost all men of different hair and skin color combinations. Advanced laser devices emit longer wavelengths to suit even people with lighter hair and dark complexions, a combination that was previously difficult to treat. Before any treatment, client’s skin and hair type, health condition and personal preferences will be evaluated to determine the most suitable treatment.