Privacy Policy


We, at company, regard your privacy with utmost importance. All information submitted through this website will be treated with strict confidentiality, and will be solely used by the company and centre for improving our services, such as communicating with you or facilitating appointments.


Our policy on cookies

Websites, such as ours, make use of “cookies” or small data or files that are stored on user’s computers. This enables the user to access our website in a page format that is most useful to the user. If the security level of the user’s web browser does not allow cookies from our site, said user may not be able to have full use or services of our website.


Our policy on emails

We may retain the history of email sent to and received from our clients. These are as equally protected as other information gathered through electronic forms and other sources.


Our policy on usage of information

Information of the user’s visits, such as IP address, pages viewed and other details are recorded in web server logs. These records help us learn more about our users and enable us to improve customer services. We may also offer other services to clients with these pieces of information. In no case shall such information be sold or transferred to other websites or entities, unless explicitly approved by the user and other parties involved or legally compelled by the proper courts and agencies.


Our policy on security

Some information submitted through our online forms are protected by SSL or Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a security protocol that uses encrypted channel between a web server and a web browser. Email communication, on the other hand, is not a secure medium. The users are therefore advised never to transmit sensitive information, such as credit card details, through email.

Special software programs are used by this website to conduct summary statistics and monitor traffic. This helps us detect unusual activities or problem areas and enhance security for the users and the company.


Changes in policy

The company reserves the right to introduce changes to these policies with or without prior notice to our users. Any changes in policies, however, will not compromise the privacy of our clients or this website’s users. In no event shall this website or the company it represents use a client’s personal information in a manner that contradicts this Privacy Policy without express consent from the client.