Underarm Laser Hair Removal


What facts do I need to know about laser hair removal for the underarms?

Here are important things about underarm hair removal by the laser method:

  • Laser passes through the skin as light beam and targets the melanin at the root of hair follicles.
  • Light energy transforms to heat and damages hair follicles in the anagen stage.
  • Laser hair removal treatment is a permanent hair reduction
  • It was initially used to treat people with light skin type and dark hair, but latest innovations can now be used safely for people with darker skin color.
  • Several treatments will be needed for long-term benefits.
Why is laser hair removal preferable over other methods of armpit hair removal?
Hair removal by plucking, waxing, shaving and application of depilatory creams are very temporary methods. They need to be done again and again your whole life. You will also need to deal with other skin problems, such as razor burns, ingrown hair and infected hair follicles. Add to this the embarrassment and discomfort when you suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten to shave or wax and you’re wearing something that doesn’t exactly conceal your hairy armpits. The effect of laser hair removal is long-lasting. Electrolysis is quite effective for some people but it is a painful procedure. In comparison, the laser method is practically painless. Intense pulsed light (IPL) and the laser methods use the same photothermolysis or light-based concept. IPL, however, employs wide-spectrum light beam that is not as effective as the single-wavelength light being used in the more advanced laser methods.
How many treatments are needed to have a permanent effect?
Hairs growing on the armpit, or any part of the body for that matter, are in different stages of growth. When laser is used during a treatment, it affects only those hairs that are actively growing (anagen phase). Those that have been dormant will enter the anagen phase in a few weeks. This is the reason why laser must be used again at this phase – to completely destroy all actively growing hair follicles. For the underarm area, the treatment must be repeated 4-6 times to completely remove unwanted hair. Sessions are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Each session will be quick – about 5 minutes for each underarm.
Will there be absolutely no hair on my armpit after I undergo the treatment?
If the required multiple procedures are completed, all hair follicles shall have been destroyed, there will be no more producer of hair. Re-growth of hair, however, does happen but they are lighter, finer and less noticeable. For those who naturally had thick, coarse and dark armpit hair, they may need to return for annual laser treatments.
Will hair removal through laser be painful? Are there side effects?

There’s practically no pain. Plucking and waxing are way more painful. Modern gadgets have a cooling system to protect the skin. There’s a slight sensation that clients compare to a rubber band snapping against the skin. There can be mild redness especially to those with sensitive skin, but these effects normally subside in a couple of hours or less. Many clients return to their normal activities right after the treatment session.

What instructions must I observe to care for my underarm post- treatment?
Avoid plucking or waxing hair re-growth. Avoid sun tanning. Complete the full course of the treatment for optimal results.
Will laser be effective for removing hair in other areas of the body?
Laser works using the same way when used for removing hairs in other parts of the body – face, chest, breast, back, arms, legs, and the bikini area. Men often request hair reduction on the back, chest and facial hairs. Leg and facial laser hair removal (such as hair on the upper lip and chin) and the Brazilian are highly popular among women.
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