Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal


You may want to know these things about laser hair removal for the upper lip:
  • Removal of hair on the upper lip by laser method is quite a common cosmetic procedure.
  • The procedure takes only about 5-10 minutes from start to finish.
  • Hair on the upper lip in women commonly occurs after pregnancy or menopause.
  • Men benefit from the permanent reduction of unsightly hair on the upper lip and chin because it spares them from constant shaving or plucking.

Laser treatment not only provides long lasting hair reduction benefits, it is also a permanent solution to other skin issues associated with traditional methods of hair removal, such as swelling, ingrown hairs, razor rashes, skin bumps, five o’clock shadow and infected pores.

Upper Lip

How does laser work to remove hair on the upper lip?

Working on the principle of photothermolysis, laser is applied using a handheld device that lets the light beam through the skin. Light is converted to heat energy and targets the melanin at the hair follicle. Hair is then destroyed at its root inhibiting further growth. Using different lasers with various wavelengths, the treatment can be tailored to suit different skin and hair types.

Is laser hair removal for the upper lip ideal for me?

Laser hair removal is suitable for men and women alike who suffer unsightly hair on the upper lip. Needless to say, it can have a negative impact on a person’s self-confidence. Women who used to feel inferior with embarrassing hair on the upper lip may now flaunt their sexy pout like a celebrity. Men can look forward to clean-shaven face every morning without shaving! How convenient can it get? There are many laser variations available today, and almost everyone with unwanted hair problems is a good candidate for laser hair removal. Even dark-skinned people may now opt for laser hair removal treatment because this can be safely done with certain laser method.

Is the procedure safe? Is it painful? Will there be side effects?

The procedure has been repeatedly tested to be safe, painless and effective. It is performed quickly, even on tricky areas such as the upper lip; hence, the client rarely feels any discomfort or pain. The device used has a cooling system that protects the outer skin as laser is pulsed into the target hair follicles. Again, the whole procedure is safe and pain-free. Some people may experience temporary redness on the treated area, but this condition normally subsides after a short while.

How long will a treatment session take and how many sessions will I need?

A session of laser hair removal for upper lip will be rather quick. The average time for each session will take about 5 minutes. Generally, the number of treatments to attain optimal results will be from four to six. The sessions will be six weeks apart. If the reason for excessive upper lip hair can be traced to hormonal causes, a top-up treatment can be required every six months.

Can the laser method be used to remove hair from persons of darker skin types?

With the latest in laser technology, laser of various wavelengths can now be used to treat dark-skinned people.

Is laser hair removal applicable on other body areas with unwanted hair?

We have a wide range of lasers suitable for various skin types and hair location. This makes it possible for us to safely and effectively use laser to permanently remove or reduce hair from almost any body part. Our centre offers several options and choices. If you’ve been frustrated in the past with other methods for hair reduction, these laser procedures will help you attain your goal of groomed appearance the most convenient way. We treat the following areas – chest, back, abdomen, face, neck, arms, under arms, legs and the bikini area. Our Brazilian style laser hair removal is particularly well liked by females. You may ask for combination laser hair removal options, such as treatment of hair on the upper lip, chin, unruly eyebrows, and other facial hair.

What important self-care tips must I observe after or in between treatments?
  • Don’t pluck or wax the treated
  • You may use depilatory creams or shave.
  • Avoid the sun or tanning products.
  • Don’t miss the next treatment session.
What can I expect after the treatment?

Even after the first few treatments, the results will already be visible – hair will be less in number, their texture will be much finer and color will be lighter. After the full course of your beauty treatment, expect smooth skin that will last long. Some clients may need maintenance visits yearly.

How much will it cost me?

The price for laser hair removal treatment for the upper lip is generally lower than other body parts due to the small treatment area. There are factors, such as skin type, hair density and the size of the area to be treated, that contribute to the actual cost. For a more accurate assessment, you may give us a call so we can discuss the matter further.

Why must I choose your centre over others with similar laser hair removal services?

We provide consultations and also review of clients’ progress. All of these are done using top-of-the-line equipment and technology to ensure your full satisfaction.

Put an end to constant shaving, plucking, waxing, epilation, and bleaching of troublesome upper lip hair. Laser treatment is a safer, effective and more permanent way to get rid of undesirable body hair. We know exactly how to do that, so call us now!


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