It’s no wonder why the market is filled with ads for female facial hair removal – hairs on a woman’s face is unthinkable! Men can be bothered by hairs, too, but still get away with it; the same is so not true with women, though. It’s simply not acceptable – whether we speak of fashion, beauty, culture, hygiene, or just the basic requirement for being a woman. A woman can look any way she wants, but not with a mustache or facial hair! For this reason, ladies with facial hairs resort to every possible method there is, just to get rid of this bane. But are all solutions being offered really beneficial and effective, and for how long?

Here’s the rundown on all women face hair removal options proffered by different providers and manufacturers:


1. Shaving

This is undoubtedly the most widely-used solution for the simple reason that it’s easily accessible and does not need another person to perform it. Shaving is done using facial razors – either the basic type or the more sophisticated types for extra-close shaves and exfoliation.

The advantage is obvious – it is easy to use, convenient and portable. The disadvantage is easily apparent, too – shorn hairs begin to re-grow as quickly as the next day. At most, the hairless condition stays up to 3 days.


2. Tweezing and plucking

This is even simpler than shaving. This is convenient and quick only if you are removing one or two strands of hair. If that fuzz on your face is bigger, such as a mustache or beard, you’d take hours every other day in the bathroom to clear that patch of hair. Aside from the fact that it’s time-consuming, it’s also painful and may cause reddening especially on facial skin. The effects last several days before you may need to pluck again.


3. Threading

This is usually done at salons and spa; strings are used for hair removal and hair-scaping. The advantage of threading is that it can remove even fine hairs and the smoothness can last up to a month. This is quite cheap, too, but requires you to still regularly visit the salon because the effect is temporary. The skill can be learned, if you opt to do it yourself.


4. Depilatory creams

Like shaving, depilatory creams remove hair from the surface only. These are made of chemicals that dissolve the hair, and allow you several days or weekswithout hair on the area applied with the cream. The pros include the ease and convenience in using the product. The creams are relatively cheap and hassle-free to use, but some people react to these chemical-based products. The creams can be harsh on sensitive skin, especially skin on the face, and cause redness and irritation. Regrowing hair can be prickly and stubbly, too.


5. Waxing

Waxing is a method usually done by aestheticians at salons. It involves application of warm wax, and pulling off of the wax strips along with the hairs. This procedure may be done at home, but you may need to practice several times before you attain the aesthetician’s proficiency. The pros are – relatively affordable, quick, and results may last up to several weeks. The cons are – may irritate, cause burns and discoloration on the skin. Another disadvantage is that the hair has to be at least one-half centimeter long before re-waxing can be effectively done. You can’t walk around with stubble on your upper lip or chin. What you do during that time until the next re-waxing session definitely needs another solution!


6. Electrolysis

If you’ve had it with methods that provide only temporary results, then it’s time to consider permanent solutions like electrolysis. The process involves running of electric shock through needles individually inserted into the skin and the hair follicles. The electricity delivered to the hair follicle destroys it permanently. This procedure must only be performed by an experienced electrologist to avoid scarring on the face such as what happens if done incorrectly. The process is time-consuming, tedious and painful. Each session will take hours because treatment is done by individual hairs. The complete full-face treatment period may take  one year or more, and can be expensive. Because of the slow and painful procedure, it may not be applicable for large areas. It will take a while before results become visible.


7. Laser and IPL

Laser and IPL therapies are the latest in light-based hair removal technology. These methods use light applied on the skin through a gadget. With special cooling systems, the surrounding skin is protected while light penetrates the skin. Light converts to heat upon reaching its target, the melanin in hair follicles. There will be several sessions required to completely treat your facial hair problem, but hair reduction benefits will be permanent. Unlike the painful and painstakingly slow procedure in electrolysis, facial hair removal by laser or IPL is practically painless and quick. Hairs will be visibly reduced after the first few sessions.


Other solutions

There are other methods – such as bleaching, sugaring, coil system – but these are all temporary relief from your hairy condition and not true solutions, at all.