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People of both sexes may encounter problems on excessive hair growth. The reasons for hairiness can be due to genetic origins, underlying medical or health conditions, or temporary side effects from drugs. It may even be brought about by biological changes as one goes through the different phases of life, such as, puberty, pregnancy, menopause and old age. Some people can tolerate a certain degree of hairiness, and women are ordinarily not as hairy as men. When hair grows on a woman’s face or other noticeable parts of the body, however, it can result to self-consciousness, lack of self-confidence, or embarrassment. Fortunately, undergoing a laser hair removal treatment can be a very intelligent decision for these ladies.

How does laser hair removal work?

More recent innovations in light-based technology introduced to us the use of laser as a safe, effective and pain-free hair removal solution. Laser is applied using a hand-held device with a cooling gel on the tip. Light penetrates the skin and targets the melanin in the hair follicles. The heat then destroys the hair follicles and prevents hair growth.

Why is laser hair removal a better option than other methods?

Traditional methods, such as shaving, waxing and plucking are still resorted to by many women. These procedures are commonly done at home or in spas. Removal of hair through these methods needs to be done repeatedly and often causes other problems like skin bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burns. The tips of the hair are blunted after shaving and the resulting hair appears thick and coarse. These are definitely not the kind of hair any female would want on her face, body or legs.

More advanced methods are now available for the permanent reduction or removal of hair, including electrolysis, intense pulsed light (IPL), and laser therapy methods. All these methods use the principle of thermolysis to destroy the hair follicles and stop future hair growth.

Laser treatments are generally painless, while electrolysis can be painful. Laser methods use focused and more powerful wavelengths of light and, thus, more effective. The light used in an IPL system, on the other hand, is diffused as it operates on a wide range of wavelengths.

Am I an ideal candidate for laser hair removal treatment?

Females who have unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin, forehead, any part of the face, underarms, arms, bikini area, back or legs, deserve a safe and effective solution. Laser is highly recommended. Previously, laser was limited to women with light skin and dark hair. Recently, however, certain types of laser have been bringing effective results for women with darker skin, including Asians. If you are in similar situations, then you have to seriously consider laser hair removal.

How long is one laser treatment session?

A treatment session varies depending on the size of the area where hair is to be removed. If the area to be treated is small, such as the upper lip, the chin or other facial hairs, it will take only about 5 minutes. Bigger sites, such as underarm or neck, will require 10 minutes or more. Much bigger areas, such as the legs, will take an average of 30 minutes.

How many sessions must I undergo to ensure permanent hair reduction or removal?

An average of 4-6 sessions may be required for a client. Extremely hairy people may have as many as 10 sessions or more. There is an interval or spacing between sessions. Light-skinned and dark-haired people can be treated at short intervals of 4 weeks, while dark-skinned people must have sessions that are farther apart.

Is the treatment painful?

Different people have different thresholds for pain, but laser is generally painless. The reaction from some clients who have undergone laser hair removal is temporary redness. The cooling gel applied during the laser treatment procedure also soothes the skin and masks the heat from the light beam.

Is laser applicable for light-skinned blondes and light-haired people?

Laser Super Hair Removal (Laser SHR) can be done for light-haired people, including blondes.

Removing hair can be an ordeal without the right technology, expertise and facilities. We offer women a quick, painless and permanent solution to this problem. With the latest in laser hair removal methods, you can now look forward to having the smooth skin you’ve always wanted. A part of our service is the conduct of reviews to all the treatments we perform; hence, our clients are assured of long-term benefits.  Just give us a call or click here to send us an enquiry.


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